KE6YUV Tower and VaultKE6YUV Tower and Vault

The Barryessa Amateur Radio Klub (BARK) is in need of an experienced antenna tower climber to help perform antenna replacements.

KE6YUV Tower and Vault
KE6YUV Tower and Vault

On the free-standing tower on the right, there are three antennas needing to be replaced.

There is a long 2m antenna at the top of the tower, and two long 2m antennas about half-way up the tower.

Yes, that is the conductive element of the antenna flapping in the breeze. The upper fiberglass section was found about 50 yards up the hill.

Yes, that is the feedline disconnected from the antenna. It simply fell out.

The antenna at the top of the tower looks to be in good shape, but since it is about the same age as these damaged antennas, it will be replaced before it fails.

This is not an easy climb. It requires an experienced climber as there are several challenges.

This tower is NOT your Rohn 25 tower strapped to the side of your house.

This tower has no horizontal elements. All of the supports are at an angle, and those angles change as each section of the tower gets skinnier.

Also, instead of a nice round bar support, this tower has cut and formed elements. If you look closely at the back side of each support you can see the sharp edge of each support. This makes standing and holding on these supports very difficult.

The several standoffs need to be negotiated in the climb as well as the feedlines strapped to the outside of the tower.

The base of this tower is wide. A standard positioning strap will not fit around the tower until you are a couple of sections up off the ground.

If you have the experience to help, please contact Bill Ragsdale – K6KN at