On Saturday the 19th, there will be a general VHF Simplex Test assisted by a repeater. 
This will be an informal test to check your general coverage and reach via VHF Simplex.

Simplex Test

  • Saturday, September 19, 2020
  • 7:30 PM
  • start on the N6NA repeater – 145.250 MHz (-) 162.2 tone
  • PREPARE a non-offset on your VFO of 145.250 MHz (same frequency but no offset or tone)
  • Net control will start on N6NA and explain the procedure
    • be prepared to quickly switch between repeater and simplex modes
    • Be sure to have pencil and paper ready to make notes

This promises to be an interesting test and I hope you all can participate. It would be best if you have the non-offset frequency programmed and ready-to-go before the event. If the N6NA repeater is not available for some reason, the NET will be postponed.